Malaysia in a Short Video

All began three years ago. My first extra-European journey, Thailand. Then Indonesia and this year Malaysia. I admit South-East Asia may cause addiction: it charms you, has you feel in love for its diversity, for the places, the people, the smells, the spirituality… and for its food too.

I work in the advertisement business, but curiosity took me oversea to visit this amazing places. How could I skip over Malaysia if its green pulsing heart is nothing less than Borneo, with its stunning forest.

proboscis monkey - Malayisa

Another unmissable trip was to Bako National Park, popular for the long-nosed proboscis monkey. And, moreover, I had the impressive experience of meeting the Iban tribe, also known as ‘the headhunters’. Sleeping and eating together, getting to know their social structure – 37 families under the same roof! – has been incredible.

Iban tribe - Malaysia

After meeting the Ibans I went to George Town, on Penang Island, a colonial French town popular for Ernest Zacharevic’s urban art. Then was time for a few days on the stunning Malaysian beaches, and finally end up in Kuala Lumpur, until today my favourite capital city.

Petronas Towers - Kuala Lumpur, Maleysia

A travel experience I highly suggest to everyone. It’s hard to explain myself just by words, maybe a video will help you getting the picture of these places’ beauty.

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