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I'm a former human rights lawyer and academic. I abandoned my career to follow my true calling, which involved rafting down mighty rivers, zip lining across canyons and trekking to the craters of active volcanoes. Through my blog I share my stories, provide tips and occasionally go on a rant. My mission? Hiking up all volcanoes in the world!

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Co-founder and Blogger

Eternal adventurer and Wanderlust seeker! Always thinking about and planning our next adventure, hence the name"Thinking Nomads"! Wife to Marco (Viaggiatori) Mamma to Isabella and Maya. India, Nepal and Vietnam are my top three countries! Norway, Iceland and South Africa are top of my bucket list!

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Lived in England since 1998 and travelled the world since 2005, visiting over 100 countries on 5 continents. Writer, blogger, photographer with a passion for adventure and travel, discovering those off beat places not yet on the tourist trail. Marco contributes the very best in independent travel tips and lifestyle articles.

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A degree in journalism and a professional limbo ranging from press offices to newspapers, magazines and finally the web. I lived in Verona, Zurich, London, Cape Town, Mumbai and Casablanca. I hate flying and I love jodel music. And when I grow up I wanna be a cosmonaut.

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Teacher, traveller, photographer... I plan and dream about my journeys in order to better get to know myself. Many travels behind me, many more the ones still want to experience and share.

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Raised in South Florida, I now split my time between two of the world's most amazing cities: Toronto and New York. With my adventurous and willing partner Tom and daughter Alyx by my side, I revel in the mind blowing perspective of authentic travel experiences in off-the-grid destinations like Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua and Thailand.

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I live in a small town in Italy and I work in a small office on a secondary road. But I dream of living in Notting Hill, working in Williamsburg, having a glass of wine in Montmartre and dining in North Beach. And, why not, even doing some shopping in Fifth Avenue. I'm not able to cook but I love to eat, and through food and culinary traditions I explore new places and share what I found in my writings.