Welcome to Thinking Nomads

We are Felicity and Marco, Thinking Nomads founders, traveling and adventuring together since 2005. An around the world trip sparked our wanderlust during the trip we explored India by train, trekked the Annapurna circuit and drove the Big Sur. Ever since we have made travel a priority in our life, exploring and adventuring together through 100 countries and living in 5 together.

Thinking Nomads launched in 2010 during a 6 month backpacking trip in South America as a creative outlet and to share our adventures, you could say our blog has evolved and grown with us. 

Even with the arrival of our two daughters Bella and Maya our adventures continued. In 2017 when our daughters were just two and four years old, we took action, packed up our home in Italy and left with just a few boxes in storage and embarked on an epic family adventure around the world.

The trip really did turn into a trip of lifetime, keeping our itinerary flexible and open, we took up opportunities that presented themselves. We documented many of them on our blog and vlog, a 6 month trip ended up being two years of nomadic family travel. 

Some of the highlights were housesitting in Southern Italy, Road tripping through Western Australia, Diving and snorkeling in Gili Islands, snorkeling. We house and pet sit, in the UK, Australia, France and Italy, we homeschooled and traveled slowly getting to know places and people making connections and learning and world schooling as a family.

Now we show families that traveling doesn’t need to stop once you have kids. Let us inspire your next family adventure, whether it be near or far, big or small. 

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