We are Felicity and Marco, Thinking Nomads founders, traveling and adventuring together since 2005. An around the world trip sparked our wanderlust during the trip we explored India by train, trekked the Annapurna circuit in Nepal and drove the Big Sur in California.

Thinking Nomads launched in 2010 during a 6 month backpacking trip in South America as a creative outlet and to share our adventures. You could say our blog has evolved and grown with us, from getting engaged on top of 6500m mountain in Bolivia, to getting married and having our two daughters.

In 2017, when our daughters were just two and four years, we embarked on an epic family adventure around the world taking a 2 year family gap.

South East Asia for Families – Our Top 10 Destinations to Visit

South East Asia is often thought of as a very far away and exotic destination for families in Europe. However with the start of low cost routes like the one offered by Norwegian Airlines and its new London to Singapore … Read More
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10 Enchanting Destinations to Visit in Italy

Born and raised in Italy, I hold a profound affection for this country and am thrilled to share some of its most enchanting destinations with you. Italy, a land steeped in history, brimming with art, and adorned with breathtaking landscapes, … Read More

5 Child-Friendly Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations in Italy

While Italy’s iconic cities and landmarks are undeniably captivating, venturing off the beaten path can lead to discovering hidden gems that offer a more intimate and authentic experience for families. These lesser-known destinations in Italy are not only child-friendly but … Read More

8 of the Best Careers in Travel, Even Without Prior Experience

If you love to travel, you might like to consider following a career path within the travel industry. You can then pursue a professional career while also enjoying your passion for visiting new places. The good news is there are … Read More

Top Places to Visit Along the Way of St. James

One of Spain’s biggest attractions is undoubtedly the Way of St. James, or as you would say in Spanish the “Camino de Santiago.” It is a network of ancient pilgrim routes spread across Spain that lead you to the enchanted … Read More

Why Sunglasses are Essential for Happy, Healthy Family Holidays

Travelling is not always fun and games. You can encounter problems like lost baggage, sunburn, or getting sick. Furthermore, keeping healthy whilst travelling with young kids is even more challenging, as they may be more susceptible to health risks, like food poisoning. … Read More

5 things to do and see in Oxfordshire, England

After spending 10 days exploring the Oxfordshire region in southern England, I decided to write this post about the 5 things to do and see in Oxfordshire. Please note that Oxford is not included in this list as I have … Read More
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