How To Deal with Travel Delays and Long Waits

The current travel situation around the globe has become increasingly taxed and is currently under pressure in a big way. Long waits, flight cancellations, and a shortage of staff in the airline industry have seen people in extraordinary queues from Manchester to Mumbai. If you’re traveling this year, it would be best to also have a fantastic mobile entertainment plan. Here are a few travel tips that will serve to help you with the expected delays, waits, and queues and to do so with as little stress as possible.

The tech you must have

You will need your mobile phone, and you will need it to be charged and internet-enabled. This is the first go-to, as noted by all travellers around the globe. So, the first step should be to ensure that the smart phone is working and that you have additional external battery sources and all the right cables and connections. There is nothing worse than having the tech, and then it dies on you, with no way to recharge it. Perhaps this is also why it has also been advised on several other travel sites to take a backup. A smart handheld device, a tablet, or a laptop would suffice as long as you can also use it for the entertainment needed for the duration of the trip.

The entertainment

Just because you have the tech as aforenoted, it doesn’t mean that you’ve sorted the problem. You still need the actual entertainment to keep you going. Gone are the times when you needed to take the entertainment with you. In today’s electronic world, you only need to have easy access to the right sites on the devices that you have taken. Think movies (Netflix), gaming apps and sites, social media, and music as a start.

Keep a few final tips

  • You’re in public. No one wants to hear your music or watch the funniest short clips in the world with you, so take ear pods and keep the volume down.
  • There may be restrictions in various areas of the airport. Simply switch off and follow the rules.
  • You won’t always have access to the internet on your travels, so have some games and entertainment options downloaded and saved.

The main point of this article is that you never know when or where on your travels there will be a delay, and you will need to be prepared and have planned ahead to avoid it spoiling your trip. The motto is to be prepared, we know that in the coming months and perhaps even years, there will be travel disruption as the industry attempts to get back to normal, and in this time of uncertain, we can be sure that there will be delays, wats, and long queues. Take the right tech, have the right games, and you will have a whole new mindset and be able to simply keep positive and entertained while you wait.

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