The Best Cottages and Cabins Immersed in Nature

Travelling is one of the best things you can do to relax and spend your free time. There is an abundence of options nowdays to suit all tastes, but more and more spending time in nature is the prefered option. In nature, you are free from the stress that comes with city life, and you get to relax in the peace and tranquillity that nature has to offer.

Many people seek peace and tranquillity, which is why nature houses are becoming so popular as the years go by. With a nature house, you get to spend your time exclusively with your family and friends in the beauty of nature. The vast meadows and mountains also present you with some fun activities to try while enjoying your stay in a nature house. You can try mountain biking, fishing, walking, kayaking or just about anything available that you can do in nature’s blissful landscape.

walking in the forest

There are several types of nature houses that you can try based on budget and the experience that you want to have in nature. These houses, however, are commonly designed to protect and provide you comfort, especially when nature decides to show its intense side. They are usually located in good regions to keep you safe at all times. 

Let us take a look at a few nature houses in Italy.

Nature House in Acqualoreto

If you want a nature house that has a slight touch of modern city life, then this is a great place to consider. It is a detached building that was once a farmhouse in the 1600s.

It comes with four bedrooms and can house up to 8 guests. It is a perfect place to spend time with family or a group of friends. People that love water would find the 13 by 5 meter saltwater swimming pool very exciting.

But nothing comes close to the scenery at night. Foxes and badgers are known to roam the area, making the scenery one you would travels miles just to experience.

Nature House in Acqualoreto

Nature House in Massello

Would you like to live in the mountains and enjoy the view of the valley below? This nature house is located at the side of a mountain and is surrounded by plush green alpine grass. It is surrounded by a forest, and animals such as red deer, wild goats, eagles, and wolves are common in the area. A scenery like no other and a once in a lifetime experience all in one. You would definitely want to experience it with friends and family. It is large enough to contain six friends and comes with four bedrooms.

Nature House in Massello

Nature House in Cittiglio

Do you have a romantic partner? If yes, this is a place you would want to spend a vacation. This nature house is a cosy and wonderful place that feels like home. It has everything you might need in a home, and it is designed for two guests only. You and your partner get 100% privacy, and you do not need to worry about danger. There are animals around, such as deer, squirrels, badgers, foxes, woodpeckers, songbirds and eagles, giving you an up-close view of the beautiful wildlife of nature.

Nature House in Fanano

This is a stone house located in the forest. It was an old abandoned house built in the 1910s. It was recently renovated by skilled craftsmen, but it only comes with one thing many people would call a flaw.

It has no electricity. This was intentional by the craftsmen to ensure that the building is as authentic as possible. Why don’t you take your lover to this single bedroom house and enjoy nature the exact same way people did in the 1910s!

Nature House in Fanano


These nature houses come with their peculiarities to make them stand out from each other. Some are made to give you a full connection with nature, and some are designed to enhance your comfort while enjoying nature. These different experiences immerse you in nature and are what make them special.

However, this leads to the issue of picking the perfect one for you. There are thousands of nature homes to pick from, and checking each one out would take you a long time. Thankfully, you can head on to the Nature Home main website to check out the ones that would fit you perfectly.

The cottages mentioned above are in Italy, but there are many more to discover all over Europe: just check the Nature Home website for more information.

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