5 Things to Do in London with Kids

It’s vacation time, and you are in no other place than the great city of London. You are all set to kick things off with a nice trip to The London Eye, London Dungeon, and some other fun adult attractions. But wait! Your kids are on vacation with you too! You certainly don’t want to show them the dungeon with a very dark past where people were imprisoned and tortured several centuries ago.

So what do you do? Well, read on to find out five things you can do with your kids in London.

Fun at Hamleys

If you want to put the biggest smile on the faces of your kids, then taking them to play at the greatest toy shop in the world would help you do just that. It is located at Regent Street, a short walk from the Oxford Circus.

There are staff stationed all over the place to entertain the kids with lots of toy demonstrations.

Even with a baby, you are going to have a swell time there. There is a baby changing facility on the top floor, along with the Dr Who toys.

In case you get bored while your kids are having all the fun (I definitely will), you can head on to the café at the top floor to unwind.

Hamleys London

Sailing at the Princess Diana Playground

In short, I love this place, and I am very sure that you would too! It is a magical place, and it lets your kids enjoy the thrills of being in a Peter Pan inspired fantasy island.

The only downside to this place is that it is not open to kids older than 12 years old. However, you can also have some fun together with the kids at the Diana Memorial Fountain, right beside the playground, where you can also cool off on hot days.

Princess Diana Playground

Check out the beautiful London Zoo

This is one of the places that get the most attention from family tourists. There are lots of animals to see, and there is a nice café to have some lunch. They always serve hot food and healthy snacks, so you don’t have to worry about the foods your kids would consume over there.

There is also a carousel right in front of the café, a children’s playground, and a spot for face painting. It is quite safe to say that there is surely a lot of fun waiting for you and the kids at the London Zoo.

london zoo

Going back in time at the Natural History Museum

This is a place that you might want to have extra preparation for. You know why? you might spend up to 7 whole days and still not see all that it has to offer. It is a very entertaining place with its first exhibit on the outside – the building!

The Natural History Museum proudly stands as an impressive Victorian structure, to give you a taste of the sophisticated architecture of ancient England.

Once you step into the building, you would find a gigantic whale skeleton waiting for you. There is also the dinosaur exhibit where you would see an animatronic T Rex and a host of large dinosaur skeletons.

Natural History Museum London

Seeing sharks face to face

We are going to wrap up the list with some danger. And, honestly, nothing excites kids more than a little touch of danger. Ever wondered why boys like playing rough physically and enjoy violent video games. Well, that is for you to find out. All I can say is that the London Sea Life Aquarium is the right place for that. There is a shark tank that stretches just over 3 stories and contains many types of sharks that your kids might have never seen before!

If that is not exciting enough for them, then I don’t know if anything will! The best thing about the aquarium is that the sharks are life-sized, and not anything like those miniature sharks you find in a petting zoo or something.

The aquarium is on the south side of the river, a bit close to the London Eye. You could even head on over to the Eye once you are done seeing the sea life with your kids. And besides, there is also a playground near the Eye, which you can access at a cheaper price with a combi ticket. So I guess it’s a win-win situation for you from here on out

group of people taking picture of shark at London Sea Life Aquarium

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