How Nustay Saved Us Money on Our Paris Trip

Finding the right hotel for your trip away can be one of the first big challenges of any journey. Yet, this should also be the exciting moment when everything starts to take shape and the excitement begins to build up.

Of course, using the right hotel booking service is a huge help not just in saving money. If you find the perfect place to stay then it will make the whole trip far more enjoyable and memorable too.

This is why we decided to take a look at the new Nustay site, which promises to help you save a lot of money every time that you spend a night away from your own bed. We were planning a trip to Paris, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try and save some money while trying out a new service.

How It Works

As you would expect, you can get started quickly by typing in your destination and the dates that you are going to be there. You can also choose the type of break you are going on (family / romantic etc) as well as the number of rooms and guests you want a quote for.

Interestingly, this a members-only site and you need to fill in some brief profile details in order to get back the quotes you ask for. This means that it will take you a couple of minutes to get going but the benefit of this approach is that by taking into account your preference the system can match you with the most suitable Nustay hotel offers.

The closer the match the bigger the discount that you can expect to receive. These personalised discounts on Nustay are very important to the overall appeal of the site.

When we searched for rooms in Paris we got back a big selection of offers, as you would expect from such a wildly popular tourism destination. It was clear that there were some great prices included in the list, which encouraged us to delve a bit deeper.

The Hotels Included

The Nustay website includes an impressive number of quality hotels on it. In fact, with some 1.2 million places to stay around the planet, it has one of the biggest selections that you will find anywhere.

When we searched for hotels in the French capital we saw a great selection, with many of them at terrific prices. Naturally, you can filter by the number of stars, by price or by the amount of discount currently available.

To give the site a more thorough test we also added in some of our favourite places that aren’t quite so world famous and that can be tough to find hotels in. It came up trumps even in relatively obscure places, with a fine range of hotels to stay in at excellent prices.

What the Offers Are Like

Of course, the real reason for booking with Nustay is to find the best possible price. Bearing this in mind, you will be delighted to see some of the offers that pop up on your screen.

Many of the hotels in Paris showed fantastic discounts of 40% or more. Some of them were even well over 50% discounted from the market price.

To make sure that this was as good as it looks we then compared the prices on offer to those available on some of the other popular hotel booking sites around. The prices at Nustay were consistently lower than on other sites of this types, which gave us a lot of confidence that we were going to get the best possible deal.

Look and Feel of the Site

The Nustay hotel booking service uses a simple, clean site that is very easy to use. Even if you have never booked a hotel online before in your life, you can do it very easily on here.

The results are also neatly ordered and easy to glance through, which is a nice change from many other sites that give you messy, cluttered results that are awkward to sift through.

One point worth mentioning is that it can be a little bit slow to bring back results for some destinations. This is apparently due to the system constantly checking and updating the best prices, which means that the results are well worth waiting a few seconds for.

It seems that the site goes a bit slower especially when you are the first person to search for a particular destination, so we would expect this aspect to perhaps improve over time.


We liked this service so much that we booked our Paris hotel without a second thought, nabbing a 48% discount into the bargain. It was a great deal and helped get the trip off to the best possible start.

We chose the classy Villa Pantheon Hotel at a terrific discounted price of €137. Other popular hotel booking sites came back with prices such as €193 and €168, with no-one getting close to the Nustay hotel deal in terms of price.

We have also become part of the exciting #NustayExplorers campaign that promises to bring us a lot of exciting benefits for us to talk about in the future. All in all, the Nustay hotel offers page looks like being the place where we will be booking our accommodation from now on.

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