Is there a better country in the world for a road trip than Australia? The wide open roads, the glorious weather and the sense of infinite possibilities make this a place where getting behind the wheel is a genuine pleasure.

If you want to discover the best that Australia has to offer then pack up your gear and head off on one of these stunning drives.

Great Ocean Road

Viewed by many as the classic Australian road trip, this begins outside Melbourne and runs for 250kms to Warrnambool. Along the way, the 12 Apostles rock stacks are the most famous sight but that there is a lot more to this trip for you to discover.

From cool beach towns to amazing wildlife and outstanding scenery, this is an unforgettable experience. This road trip can be done in as little as a day but it is far better to stretch it out over a few days if you can.

5 Stunning Road Trips Around Australia

Red Centre Way

This adventurous route takes you into the huge expanse of Outback at the heart of Australia. It runs from Alice Springs to Uluru and ideally you will plan ahead so that you see the awe-inspiring sight of Uluru-Ayers Rock at sunset.

Expect canyons, wallabies, Aboriginal art and even camels along the way. This is a multi-day trip to be savoured as you cover 690kms, along frequently deserted roads.

5 Stunning Road Trips Around Australia

The Savannah Way

Another massive drive sees you cover 3,700kms as you glide across the country from East to West. The Savannah Way takes you from Cairns in Queensland all the way to Broome across in Western Australia.

Of course, if that is too far for you on one trip then you can plan to cover just a part of the overall route. Either way, this Australian road trip offers tourists a thrilling sense of freedom and adventure.

5 Stunning Road Trips Around Australia

Highway 1

Perhaps what you really crave is the longest and most exciting road trip that the planet has to offer. Well, Highway 1 that loops around Australia is one of the world’s longest roads, as it runs for 14,500kms and goes round virtually the entire coastline.

Incredibly, this highway (it is actually made up of a series of roads) passes through every state, every capital and virtually all of the main attractions. If you are going to take on this epic road trip then you will want to start off by buying a robust, dependable vehicle from a trusted site like Gumtree.

5 Stunning Road Trips Around Australia

Sydney to Brisbane

Known as the Legendary Pacific Coast, this route offers a chance to get to know the area of coast between two of the planet’s greatest cities. It runs to some 900kms and passes through varied terrain such as beaches, green hills, National Parks, welcoming wineries and beach towns.

This is one of Australia’s busiest roads so it doesn’t offer quite the same sense of peace and open-ness as some of the other road trips we have looked at. However, there is enough to see and do along the way to keep you satisfied and put a smile on your face.

5 Stunning Road Trips Around Australia

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