5 of the Best Places to Visit in Indonesia for First-Time Travelers

From Bali to Jakarta, there are a lot of beautiful sites to visit in Indonesia. In fact, the country is one of the most incredible places to visit for first-time explorers.

There’s no question with that! There are a lot of safaris and spas in Bali, as well as an exotic beach in Komodo. Also, you have to experience the capital of Jakarta when traveling to Indonesia. There are just so many highlights this country could offer. 

Our top five selections of the best places to visit to take a good glimpse of the country.

1 – Heading to Jakarta

Indonesia is such a diverse and vast country. So, it is just suitable that you go to the capital city, Jakarta. It is home to almost 20 million people. Do not be overwhelmed when you are a first-time traveler in this city. You should go to the upscale malls, look for the best street foods, and explore the heritage of the site.

A famous saying in the country goes, “a meal without rice is not a meal at all.” All you need is to go with the flow and begin exploring some of the most popular dishes of the city, which is the nasi goreng. Let your taste buds take you to the richest spices of the capital. Also, Jakarta will provide the food enthusiasts a lot of high-end dishes. One of the top restaurants in Jakarta is Oasis Restaurant, an old colonial mansion.

2 – Visiting Bali

You can spend some time in one of Bali’s all-time favorite spas. Moreover, you can get adventurous and head to the island’s Monkey Forest. You can also visit the wild animals from Africa and other parts of the world at the Bali Safari and Marine Park. You don’t want to miss the Night Safari offered in the place too.

Then, head to the Bali Bird Park to meet some of your feathered friends. It serves as a sanctuary to 250 various species of birds. For a significant Balinese experience, you have to head to the Pura Tanah Lot and set up a tent near the temple. It is one of the sacred temples on the island. You may also bring your essentials for an overnight stay. Then, discover the beautiful sunset over the ocean.

3 – Experiencing Komodo

When you head to Indonesia, you may want to imagine the coffee table photos of tropical islands, turquoise waters, and world-class beaches. Also, there are jungles and rice terraces. But, most especially, you need to experience its pink beach! Yes, the beach is pink. You can only find this one-of-a-kind beach on the Komodo Island.

The beach is pink because of the combination of red and white sand. It gives the island an attractive appeal to tourists, especially first-time explorers. Komodo Island is not only a place for scuba divers and beach lovers, but it is also a place of sanctuary to Komodo dragons. They are the largest lizards available on the Earth. But, do not panic, they won’t spew fire. But, they can grow to a length of over 10 feet.

4 – Exploring the Tanjung Puting National Park

While Komodo dragons draw a lot of reptile lovers from different parts of the world, other people want to see other wild things too. If there’s a creature that tourists usually want to meet, it is the famous orangutan. You can witness these rare beasts on your trip going to the jungle off the Tanjung Puting National Park.

It covers an area the same as the size of that of the entire Bali. You can hike through the forest and see the bush pigs and birds. However, you have to bring your trekking essentials, including your hiking boots or hiking sandals. Also, you may ride a boat going to the Sekonyer River and see the different species of monkeys. You can even see the proboscis monkeys and the orangutans on the site for a most unforgettable adventure. 

5 – Indulging With the Mount Bromo

For a distinct type of wildlife trip, you need to head to another Indonesian National Park. You may visit the Bromo Tengger Semeru, which you can find just east of Java. It extends to an 800 square kilometer area, which is an excellent place to explore. You may trek the desert while riding a pony or a jeep.

But, an experience you can’t miss is heading up Mount Bromo. It is a 7000-foot volcano that will offer breathtaking views of the park to the peak of Mount Semuru. Plus, as you camp all throughout the night, you may decide to see the beautiful sunrise in the next morning.


Indonesia is such a diverse country full of large islands. So, rest assured you can look for everything you want to explore in any of its finest destinations. There are a lot of must-see places and must-try adventures that you can’t miss while spending some time in the country.

You may need to extend your stay if you want to tour the entire Indonesian islands. Be it for shopping, leisure, history, culture, diving, nature exploration, and trekking!

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  1. Bali is the best place according to me in Indonesia. It has all the elements which makes a holiday A WOW experience.

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