Mini Guide to Perugia, Italy

Are you planning to visit Perugia in Umbria? If wandering around this idyllic historical city for a week sounds like a perfect holiday, but you’re not sure where to start?


Where to eat

A city that thrives on so many savoury treats such as pizza, pasta and panino’s – will tempt you into many scrumptious meals during your trip to Perugia. A short distance from the Palazzo dei Priori or the Rocca Paolina, La Taverna is a favourite among the locals and a picturesque restaurant that combines a homey feel combined with delicious fresh food. An intimate restaurant with freshly made pasta and dishes made from season produce.

The legendary Pizzeria Mediterranea close to the Gallenga Palace has a wood-fired oven that serves mouth-watering Neapolitan pizzas. This spot draws a huge crowd for its pizzas, so do, go early. It’s easy to understand the crowds with pizzas this delicious and affordable!

A stroll through Piazza Matteotti, towards the craft market lies the Covered Market below. Here you can purchase fresh produce, cheese, bread and even meat. Ideal for a relaxed day walking through the city centre filling up on snacks throughout the day.

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What to visit

With so many historical sites to visit, Perugia is a city immersed in history and architecture you will be taken back in time as your wander through the city. The dramatically Gothic designed buildings all in walking distances, will let you truly submerge yourself into the city and it’s past.

Located in the city centre, the Gothic Era bore the construction of the Palazzo dei Priori. It is an architectural masterpiece with its fortress look, three-way windows and patterned entrance. Formerly used as the headquarters for the local magistracy but now acts as the city’s art gallery. This is a must see, purely for the style of the building and the art.

Casa del Cioccolato Perugia is a culinary feast for every chocolate lover based on the outskirts of the city. Escape to a Willy Wonka like world with Perugian chocolate, a museum walk will lead you to an enclosed bridge over the factory. There are also chocolate making workshops held on Saturdays for keen tourists and locals wanting to understand the entire process of the luscious craft.

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The Cathedral di San Lorenzo above the Piazza IV Novembre is another architectural gem that should be visited at least once. This medieval Roman Catholic cathedral is dedicated to Saint Lawrence and has been around since the 900s but the refurbished version that is now seen began in 1345 created by Fra Bevignate. There is an altar piece by Signorelli, many manuscripts and sculptures by Duccio are remains of a truly artistic era.

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South from the city centre, the Basilica di San Pietro is a remarkable ode to a mesh of modern times and nature. The 10th century building is made up of marble and gilt and contains the iconic Pietà by Perugino.

A walk through the tranquil gardens Orto Medieval gardens found behind the Basilica will transport you to another time. Packing a feast or taking along a delectable pizza is recommended as you can picnic and relax at the gardens.

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Where to stay

A short distance from the city centre of Perugia is Villa Nuba charming villa-apartments. A refurbished farmhouse built in the fifteenth century, is an ideal spot for travellers exploring the Umbria region. This scenic residence is surrounded by a vineyard, a beautiful array of fruit and olive trees and rows of herbs.


The two charming villas/apartments can sleeps up to 6 people both are equipped  with jacuzzi bath, AC, fire place, fully equipped kitchen, private patio, panoramic terrace, fast wifi and all modern comforts. This two lovely accommodations are the greatest apartments rental for families and group of  friends.

The villa is child and pet friendly. Each bedroom has high quality mattress and an EXCLUSIVE romantic ceiling. During the day a normal white ceiling, at night the ceiling will fill with thousands of romantic stars and show  each one a different constellation! It will be like sleeping under a real romantic starry sky!

The romantic apartment is great for up to 3 people with a fire place, fully equipped kitchen and an exclusive  private SPA room. An ideal place for a romantic getaway or honeymoon.

Finally, outside there is a barbecue area, a safe playground, a relax area with cabanas and a stunning eco swimming pool with salt water and a color therapy system.


Villa Nuba is a mere fifteen-minute walk from or to the historic centre. The elegant rental apartments, is not your traditional hotel or B&B in Perugia. It allows you the freedom of living in a home away from home.


A city overlooking a valley that spans on forever, the River Tiber running gently through the valley will let you escape to another era, come and experience Perugia.

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