3 Tools to Capture your next adventure

Its not enough nowadays to capture your travels with a point and shoot,  landscapes and adventures need to be captured from many different angles. With the rise of the drones, hover cameras and 360 lens; ariel images are in vogue at the moment, here are our suggestions.



Hover Camera 

A flying camera that follows you around, no piloting skills needed! Your very own ariel photographer, what more could you want. The Hover Camera almost seems too good to be true, simple to use it seems to just float through the air. Compact and not too technical,  if the thought of flying a drone scares you this could be the flying camera for you!

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DJI Mavic Pro Dronedji-mavic-pro-2

The most portable and most powerful drone on the market. It fits in a small camera bag or rucksack, you can take this everywhere; up a mountain, to the beach. No extra bag needed! This drone is literally a dream come true for adventure travellers, extra weight and additional luggage are big problem for travellers. Although the DJI phantom 4 is an amazing drone it is just too big to carry everywhere. As all good travellers and adventures understand the key to getting those unexpected brilliant shots is having the right tools on you at all times. The DJI Mavic Pro makes that possible. It also shoots 4K video, has a flying time of 27mins and 12 MP camera resolution.

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Samsung 360

This is the camera you need on your travels when you want to capture everything in one frame. It has a dual lens making it super wide for photos and video. So you can be bombing it down the mountain on a pair of skis whilst doing a trick and still capture the amazing landscape behind you. Brings new meaning to getting a shot from every angle!

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