Trasimeno – An Italian Legend of Colours and Ancient Civilisations

In Italy, on the line between Umbria and Tuscany, nature paints a stunning landscape with its vivid colours. Green rises from the vegetation and smoothly penetrates the blue of the sky and of the lake Trasimeno. These masterwork is the perfect representation of an enchanted place, still floating nowadays among history and legend.

Trasimeno lake - Italy

And a legend tells how prince Trasimeno – son of god Tyrrhenus, founder of the Etruscan civilization – having fallen in love with these landscapes mesmerizing beauty, drowned in the lake after being charmed by nymph Agillae. His body was never found and since then, during the summer evenings, a light breeze blows over the lake and one can still hear the lament of Agillae, tormented by the loss of her prince.

Trasimeno lake - Italy

For the Etruscan people the lake was sacred and according to another theory about its name’s roots they should be found in the term Tarsminas, which was how they originally called it and at the same time points to the celestial vault  which mirrors itself in the water.

Framed by sweet hills, in the area there are eight hamlets rich in history and culture, four on the lake and four on the hills. Thanks to the social media tour #AlTrasimeno I am now able to lead you through this amazing places.

Trasimeno lake - Italy

Let’s start from Piegaro. Its well preserved historic centre hosts the Ancient Glass Laboratory, nowadays a  fascinating museum where the history of this ancient handcraft is told, from Middle Age to 20th century.

Glass Museum - Piegaro, Italy

Next comes Città della Pieve, located on a crossroad many cultures used to go go through, arriving from Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria. Here you can find the 16th century Corgna Palace (Palazzo della Corgna) with its wonderful frescos and the Church of Holy Mary of the ServantsChiesa di Santa Maria dei Servi.

The third village I want to talk you about is Paciano. Beside the unmatched beauty of its historic centre, I will never forget the Cart Race (Corsa dei Carretti) hold every year on August over a slope called among the locals ‘a bestia‘ – ‘the beast’. The carts are only made of wood and pillows, and that’s the only rule of the race!

Around the lake Trasimeno there is also Panicale, also known as ‘Trasimeno’s most beautiful terrace’ since the stunning view stretches over a large part of the area, including the lake’s borders. The village still preserves its medieval heritage and among the many cultural highlights there it the Church of Saint Sebastian with a fresco by Città della Pieve’s artist Pietro Perugino entitled Martirio di San Sebastiano – ‘Saint Sebastian’s Martyrdom’.

Saint Sebastian's Martyrdom, Pietro Perugino - Church Of Saint Sebastian - Panicale, Italy

Moving along the Trasimeno we arrive to Castiglione del Lago, an ancient hamlet overlooking the whole lake from a hilltop. It dates back to the Roman Empire and among its highlights you should not miss the Lion Rock (Rocca del Leone) and the walk from it to the Corgna Palace.

Lion Rock - Castiglione del Lago, Italy

Magione is a lovely village with a fishermen hamlet called San Feliciano and a mysterious residence – Villa Pompilj – that overlooks the lake from a rocky cliff.

Trasimeno lake - San Feliciano, Italy


Villa Pompilj - Monte dl Lago, Italia

Finally, the last village is Tuoro sul Trasimeno. Its territory comprises some interesting theme routes as Campo del Sole (‘Sun Field’), a visual arts exhibition made of 27 columns carved in the stone and placed on the lake banks.

Campo del Sole - Tuoro sul Trasimeno, Italia

Eight wonderful hamlets in a charming environment: that’s how life is at the Trasimeno!

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