Skiing in Utah – The Lightest Powder on Earth

When people hear ‘skiing,’ they think of Colorado or the Swiss Alps, yet Utah hosts some of the best slopes in the world, getting over 500 inches of snow at most resorts in the state (more than neighbor Colorado).

If you’re searching for a new ski state, or want to venture off onto other slopes in Utah, head down the following page.

Wasatch Mountains - Utah, USA


It’s easy to get to Utah and its many slopes.  Alta, Solitude, Snowbird and other popular destinations are within 30 minutes of SLC International Airport.  Park City, Deer Valley, and others, are less than an hour away.  Don’t worry about wasting days of vacation time on traveling; it’s common to land in Utah and be shooting down slopes in the same day.  (Most resorts allow you to ski free the day you land!)  SLC Airport is located in a mild-weather area and rarely closed due to inclement weather.


‘Alta’ is interchangeable with the word ‘powder.’  Alta is ‘the’ place for skiers, since it’s one of the only slopes in the nation that does not welcome snowboarders – it’s skis and poles only.  Alta is not the highest peak in Utah, being 2,000 feet at the summit, but the terrain is rough and the decline is steep.

Be prepared for a workout – due to the limited number of lifts, those who want to visit the most-sought slopes have some hiking to do.  In addition, there is limited grooming at Alta, so if you prefer clean slopes rather than powder and crud, take your skis and poles elsewhere.  If you own slimmer skis, this is not the mountain for them; rent fatter powder skis at the lodge.

Park City - Utah, USA

Park City

Park City warmly welcomes visitors with a well-celebrated resort towering over the town.  The resort is economical and known to be among the best ventures for your money.  From the town, take a 12-minute ride to the slopes, accessing 3,300 acres of skiable terrain.

After a tiring day skiing, head to Main Street for eating, drinking, dancing, shopping and more.  Or, if you want to take a break, use a new town bridge that allows skiers and boarders to access Main Street straight off the slopes.  Does a healthy balance of exercise and fun tempt you?


Snowbird is heralded as ‘the best all-around resort in the States.’  It’s initial appearance may throw you off; it doesn’t look like your typical ski resort, exchanging concrete walls for charming villages.  It’s because of the huge amounts of snow falling there.  Buildings are reinforced to protect the area and inhabitants from avalanches.  If you awake with the sound of alarms going off and workers moving vehicles of visitors, it’s a reason to rejoice!

Sure, you could opt for Colorado or an expensive trip to the Swiss Alps, yet those around the world often come to Utah for its fresh powder.  Considering the numerous options and ease of access, it’s a no-brainer for those who love to ski.

Tiffany Hanrahan has been on skis since she was old enough to walk. With experience on the slopes all over the world, she enjoys blogging about the best runs and lodges for any skier.

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