What To Do in The Azores, Portugal

During our travels we always find places more or less worth to fill some room in our lives. Memories, more or less coloured, lively, passionate, dreamy, daring, beautiful…. this is what travelling is about.

Less frequently, there are places – or journeys – worthy not only to become memories, but to enter deeply in our mind, in our heart and soul.

Azores - Portugal

It’s a growing feeling, one heartbeat after the other. It’s in the land, in the people. We may know the local language and culture, or not. We may have a friend guiding us, or maybe we are just adventuring alone. The result is a relationship with that place which will develop on its own, beyond our consciousness, like chemistry – or alchemy? Magic? – like it was already written.

It’s the kind of connection I always find out to have with any island I crossed in my life. The connection I discovered towards the Azores.

Maybe it’s the endless ocean surrounding them. Maybe it’s the bright blue and green, or the sudden storms which dash on the islands just to allow the sun to shine again the next minute. Maybe it’s the fishermen’s gaze, their thoughtful look carved by the wind.

Maybe it’s the sunsets and the dawns which play with our emotions, or the sparkling stars, able to stand against the dark proud sky.

Every journey is a different experience for each of us. That’s the difference from a holiday. A place like the Azores has no need to be shouted, explained, described. Such a place, if it’s in your destiny, will reveal who you really are.

Discover who you are, discover Azores!

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