Winter Time on the Garda Lake

Winter time always dresses the usual summer destination with a layer of melancholy. The sea in winter is a charming place and allows to dig in one’s deep thoughts. Same goes for the lakes, but with some important differences.

A few days ago I was in Torbole, on the Garda Lake (Northern Italy). The town looked even more than just melancholic, almost a ghost town. I got there since I was in Trentino, just a few kilometres away, and I told myself ‘why not, the lake is here nearby”.

Torbole, Italy

The Garda Lake was silent and beautiful, an unreal sight. Torbole was shaked by strong wind as usual, but there were no surfers as in summer, when they hit the beaches and the cold waters of Italy’s largest lake.

Spending the afternoon roaming among Torbole’s tight alleys allows the thoughts to flow and one can’t help to stun in front of the sleepy nature, still able to show all its majestic beauty.

Torbole, Italy

In this season one can enjoy the Garda Lake on its own, without too many vessels, boats and tourists covering its charming view. The sight of a sunset, here, during these cold days, may dig forever in your heart.

Torbole is sleepy village these days, just like a hard worker resting after a busy season. It breaths and thinks, but activity is not lacking entirely. Hanged at the door of many shops is the winter opening schedule of many restaurants, hotels and bars. A reassuring sight for any traveller who may find himself lost in this ghostly town.

Myself, I felt unbalanced between the touching feeling for being there alone and the emptiness of streets and squares. I found some comfort at the lakeshore, which made me feel welcome and assured me about my choice of taking such a trip during such a bright and windy afternoon.

Travelling is a very personal experience, I always say. Spending some time in a place off-season is a touching lesson, as travelling should always be.

Garda Lake - Italy

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