Mauritius – First Impressions from Heaven

“Mauritius was made first and then heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.”

Every time I get to deal with Mauritius, I recall this line by Mark Twain: when I step on this island I really have the feeling to be in Heaven. Going to Mauritius means getting in touch with your senses, which we often neglect although we should listen to them more often.

You can’t cut out your senses in Mauritius. The green colours drawing the island’s inner part truly wakes up all your inner senses, which are otherwise used to the blurred colours of everyday life, and the ocean’s bright blue is quite as effective. The flamboyant trees paint the sky with their vivid red tone and look almost as pursuing the clouds to tickle them.

Mauritius fills your nostrils with its delicate smell: you can barely feel it but it sticks to you like the best of memories. Mauritius has a strong, remarkable character: you can feel it immediately sipping its rum, it flows in your throat spreading the island’s history of sugarcane fields, and when you think it’s gone here it comes again… its scent goes straight into your nose and reaches the head.

Mauritius stuns you.

That’s what it feels like, but when you finally manage to lay on the beach, listening carefully, there is no sound to be heard, just the silence broken now and then by the waves approaching timidly the coastline, just as they were afraid of interrupting the precious moment. There is nothing left to do but giving away, surrendering to this embrace with all your senses. The time has come. The time you thoroughly understand this island, the time you understand its deep and gentle spirit.

Now you just need to stand up from the sand and go, go to discover Mauritius… are you ready?

Incredibly curious, I found in travels and writing what I need to keep in check my exuberant spirit. I love reading, cooking and whatever is charming and beautiful.

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  1. Oh my! How did you ever leave that beach chair? Mauritius is stunning! Thank you for sharing.

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