Digital Diary from Trentino – Winter Time in Italy Can Be Great

Every year the same old story. After months sweating under the sun, looking for a fresh fruit to absorb precious liquid fluids and discard them in a 312-millisecond physiological cycle, winter surprises me mercilessly.

A fine day as any other, I find myself outside shaking with apparently no reason; after just a 5-minute walk it’s already dark; people stare at me but I keep ignoring the signals: winter is knocking on the door and I am still wearing my day-on-the-beach outfit.

Winter in Italy can be a white paradise for skiers. Trentino is the northern Alpine region world renowned for its excellent ski resorts. South African video-maker Timmy Henny realised this inspiring and witty video for Can’t Forget Italy’s Digital Diaries.

We have been with Can’t Forget Italy in Basilicata last summer, where we appreciated how this team of passionate digital story tellers exposes Italy in their unique and entertaining way. In Trentino they produced four videos to broadcast “Trentino’s juvenile and entertaining feeling, of its land, its winter landscapes, where sincere experiences, fun and adventure are the key players”, as reminded by Trentino Sviluppo‘s executive Maurizio Rossini.


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