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The Ajax Museum in Amsterdam is a fitting tribute to AFC Ajax, one of Europe’s greatest football clubs. The club was founded over 100 years ago, and the museum authenticates its history from its humble beginnings to the present day, providing a dramatic and emotional backdrop to the memorable events that have taken place on the pitch over that time.

As you approach the building, you are all too aware of a sense of expectation and excitement pervading the air. Once inside, this turns into fascination and amazement as you wander around the cornucopia of exhibits. Each one has a story to tell, and each one has been carefully chosen to reflect its own place in the magnificent history of AFC Ajax.

You can see many of the countless trophies that have been won over the years, all displayed alongside atmospheric photographs, the events of which have long since passed into the mists of time, while documentation and articles chart the club’s progress and success throughout the decades.

Apart from its on-field success, AFC Ajax is famed for having produced some of the finest players ever seen on a football pitch, and you can gaze in awe and wonder at the many personal possessions donated by the legendary names and their families.

No matter which club commands your matchday allegiance, the museum is a must-visit. All true football fans should take the opportunity to pay homage to the club that not only gave rise to the term “total football”, but which has also been instrumental in maintaining the sport’s popularity.

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