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As one of the most ancient cities in Europe, with a history spanning across two and half thousand years, the capital of the once Roman Empire is a popular destination for holiday makers. The city developed from a small Latin village into the centre of European politics, culture and empire to the foundations of Catholicism and the now capital of Italy. From the Coliseum to the Pantheon, the Vatican to Saint Peter’s Basilica, Rome is a haven of history.

It is a bustling city, split into several districts such as the: Historical centre, Vatican, Colesseo, and Trastevere just to name a few. It is full of sites to explore and moments to capture, so be sure to see as much as possible by picking up a car at Ciampino airport to help you get around.

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If you want to experience Rome’s history, then the first stop is the Coliseum. With the echo of Gladiator tournaments, games and entertainment it is Rome’s largest architectural structure. Continue your visit through time by visiting the Pantheon which was dedicated as a temple to all the gods during the reign of the ancient empire. Moving forward in history, wander through the foundations of Christianity, Saint Peter’s Basilica, located in the heart of the Vatican City, the resting place of 100 tombs and 91 Popes. Continue through to the Vatican Museum which is home to the Sistine Chapel and Raphael Rooms to experience the wondrous work of Michalenangelo.

For those of you who love music make sure you book yourself a ticket to the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, which often puts on some of the best operatic productions in Europe. If you prefer to wonder through galleries, explore the some of the world class art exhibitions that Rome has on offer such as: Galleria Borghese, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna and Museo Nazionale di Villa Giulia just to name a few.

The best way to get to know the real Rome is wonder through the small winding labyrinth of streets joining up with quaint Piazzas. Enjoy a rich cappuccino, a sweet gelato or a big bowl of homemade spaghetti whilst soaking up the sun, culture and ambience this cosmopolitan city has on offer.

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