What Will Make You Choose Vancouver Over Toronto?

One can take a trip to Canada any time during the year. Most people prefer summers when it’s pleasant and offers maximum outdoor activities. The summer in Canada varies by region. In northern areas, it starts late May and usually ends by early September. In southern region, summer starts in June and ends abruptly. I have lived in the South, so I know how weather in Ontario is. Especially the South West – it is much warmer when compared to the rest of the country.

Summers are the peak tourist months, so be prepared for heavy crowds. However, spring is also a good time to visit. Most Canadians would prefer Vancouver over Toronto as a holiday destination. This is mainly due to the weather here which is much better than that of weather in Toronto. After the chilly grey winters, many people are looking forward to some nice spring and summer weather along with a good sun shine.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is more laid back then Toronto. The city and the people here are warm and welcoming. Just visit the city once; you will know what I mean. It’s got stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, and ample entertainment. No doubt, the residents have fallen in love with Vancouver. No matter if it’s a summer vacation or a winter get-away, Vancouver is one exciting destination and here’s why.

The people here are friendly. They are open and interested in visitors. Don’t expect them to be high on fashion. You will mostly find them in a gym gear or a sweatshirt, unlike Toronto.

Don’t worry about the Vancouver weather; stunning mountains, summer beaches, sceneries, parks and lots more will make you fall for this city. And Hey! Whistler is only a two hour drive from Vancouver. So, do check out.

Whistler Mountain, Canada

It’s is an active city. Mountain biking, climbing, cycling, and skiing… in Whistler there is something for everyone. Vancouver is an exciting place for adventure freaks, sports junkies, ski junkies, mountain bikers and all outdoor enthusiasts.

And if you love surfing? Just head towards the west coast of Vancouver Island for that!

Vancounver Island, Canada

Stanley Park is another place you’ll love. It is a 100 acre park that lets you indulge in boating, cycling, rollerblading, and lots more. There’s always something happening here to keep you busy anytime you go.

The best thing that I love about Vancouver is the people here keep their city clean.  The streets are much uncluttered allowing you to walk happily around.

After living and working here for past two years, I know what makes me love this city more.

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