Discover Greece: A Few Hints for an Unforgettable Journey

Travelling on a budget: the first thing that pops to mind is airfare.  Thankfully, this is hardly an issue anymore. With the Internet at our fingertips, there’s a choice of budget airlines and airfares, you just have to pick the right time to travel.  One can even bid for the cheapest tickets online!

Where Greece is concerned, timing is crucial.  Off-season would be the best time to travel, since at that time the weather is actually even better.  May to October in Greece is the most pleasant, and as such, attracts a whole lot of tourist traffic. In fact, most eateries open for business during this period.

Having managed affordable air tickets, you can now concentrate on boarding, food, drink and travel. Travelling with a group is viable, gives you the option of splitting room charges. If bunking is not your idea of fun, there are a lot of affordable living options including renting apartments for the summer.  Next comes the journey. Public transport has been spruced up a lot since Athens hosted the Olympics, so getting from one place to another should not make a dent in one’s pocket. Food and drink can get as exotic – read ‘expensive’ – or affordable as you want it to be… so take a call!

Odeion of Herodes Atticus, Athens
Must-see in Greece

The Acropolis of Athens is a site located above the bustling city on top of a hill commonly known as the Sacred Rock of Athens.  Your Greece tour guide will probably take you first to this most recognizable symbol of Athens, and of Greece.

While in Athens, your next stop should be the National Archaeological Museum stocked with what seems like an endless supply of artifacts. You can spend a whole day in its labyrinthine corridors, if not more. For museum junkies, there is also an Egyptian section on another floor.  The Temple of Poseidon located at Cape Sounion is at a convenient distance from Athens. Though most popular at sunset, a wise choice would be to visit the cliff top temple early morning and give the tourist horde a miss. Much of the temple structure has been lost to time, but what remains, primarily the pillars, is breathtaking enough to want to spend a while at the site.

Another day trip from Athens will take you to the ancient Theatre of Epidaurus. This theatre, with its unbelievable acoustics, still stages plays every summer. The theatre is located on the Peloponnese Peninsula, and while in this area, a good idea would be to ask the Greece tourist guide to point you to the Mycenean Fortress. This is where most of the gold showcased in the National Archaeological Museum came from. It is a fascinating place, with its huge walls, tomb shafts and the double lion gate.

With most of the historical stuff accounted for, you can now turn your attention to the famous Greek islands of Santorini and Mykonos. These will be breathtaking experiences of natural beauty, beaches, sunsets and of course shopping and local flavours. Hot tip for nature lovers: arrive by sea for the best views!

While in Greece, don’t miss out on Crete.  It’s like a mini country within Greece, with a little bit of everything. Make sure you check out the party beaches, natural sites like the Samaria Gorge and the ‘real’ Crete city of Chania.

Don’t waste any more time: Greece is waiting for you!

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