Everybody loves its food and style, and if it wasn’t for the stereotypes it suggests we would miss half the jokes broadcasted on television. It’s Italy, the Belpaese, the boot shaped country, the Dolce Vita… it’s one of world’s top destination and an unmissable showcase of contradictions: beauty and sorrow, holiness and corruption, poetry and boorishness.

Room for Travel added a new companion and met to highlight a few aspects of this amazing country. Peter and Ash have both travelled widely through Italy and could offer a lot of suggestions about food, transportation and accommodation. Since I am Italian, I could add a few hints to my companions’ observations: maybe this is the first time I come up with some useful idea! Alex hasn’t been there yet, but he definetely has to try the Italian taste of life at least once – as anybody should – and he managed to proof once more who is the wise man.