Connemara – Ireland’s beautiful and desolate landscapes

If you are planning a journey to Ireland you can’t miss the beautiful areas of Connemara, north-west of Ireland, in that jagged area from Clifden to Lough Comb. The internal landscape is made of an incredible variety of lakes and rivers. But as you get closer to the sea, the green gets rugged and colourful, and once you arrive to the coast you will find an endless line peninsulas and islands.

In this region you won’t need a fixed route – which wouldn’t be easy to follow considering the maze of streets and paths. It would be better to just keep in mind a couple of destinations – I suggest you Carraroe and Dog’s Bay, stunning! – and then to roam around freely, following the directions for the beaches and stopping now and then collect a few pictures.

Once you arrive in Clifden – a lovely village although quite the common tourists’ destination – you may continue along the popular Sky Road, which offers some really amazing coastal landscapes, but be prepared for a very narrow road. Not far from here lies Connemara National Park, another suggestive destination and a good place for some trekking along the different tracks.
This is definitely the best way to enjoy Connemara, body and soul.

Where is Connemara?

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