Rural Cambodia seen through the lens of a camera

Last August I decided to travel and discover Cambodia.

While on my journey the book I was reading encouraged me to travel beyond the usual tourist routes, and I arrived as far as Kompong Phluk, a small village on a river that ends in Tonlè Sap Lake.

In these fascinating areas it is very rare to see a tourist, especially if you compare the situation to the close Angkor‘s temples. This fishermen village stands on very high stilt-houses and during most of the year visiting it is only possible by boat.

Still, organising a trip from Siem Reap to Kompong and the nearby floating villages is very simple… you just have to ask for a ride to a motorcycle taxi driver!

You will have to drive across endless rice fields, where the history of these places comes back in our memories and you can enjoy the daily life of the small villages in the background… a unique and fullfilling experience!

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Born in Prato (Italy), I grew up and still live in a small village on the Tuscan-Emilian Appennine Mountains. I have always been in love with travelling, adventure and exploration. "Wannabe" photoreporter, I tell the cultures and traditions of faraway people. Actually, as soon as I can I pack up and leave!

6 thoughts on “Rural Cambodia seen through the lens of a camera”

  1. I was fortunate enough to visit Cambodia a few years ago and it was and still is a place that I won’t forget. A must see on anyone’s list.

  2. Beautiful shots, especially the biker with all the hay behind him. Definitely makes me want to do a trip to Cambodia!

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