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We are always very excited and honoured to feature adventures from all over the world, especially awesome adventures organised by  National Geographic magazine that so often are breaking the boundaries of exploration, science and human achievement.

The May edition of National Geographic magazine for iPad includes a special “On Everest” Field Test section with real-time updates from an expedition to summit Mount Everest led by famed mountaineer Conrad Anker and photographer Cory Richards.

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Readers can follow the experience through dispatches, photos and video from the mountain in the May edition of National Geographic magazine for iPad and online in the “On Everest” Field Test blog

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The expedition seeks to repeat the historic climb of the 1963 National Geographic-sponsored American Mount Everest Expedition. The two athletes will attempt to summit via Everest’s seldom visited West Ridge and their alpine-style climb will be documented by Richards for a print feature in National Geographic magazine early next year.

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In addition to the team of Anker and Richards, a second team composed of The North Face athletes, Montana State University geologist David Lageson, and National Geographic writer Mark Jenkins will attempt to summit from the more common Southeast Ridge route.

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The expedition is sponsored by National Geographic and The North Face, with support from Montana State University.

Joining the climbers at Base Camp will be a team of Mayo Clinic researchers who will study the impacts of high altitude on human physiology.

Images are from the “On Everest” Field Test section of the May edition of National Geographic magazine for iPad.

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