Quality4Travel blogger tour: Turin, Milan, Genoa here we come!

We’re very excited to have been invited on this unique tour organized by regional toursim boards of Piedmont, Liguria and Lombardy. From the 7th of March, along with 6 other bloggers we will take part on this journey The main objective to raise awareness of the historic Italian cities of Turin, Genoa and Milan and uncover the best food, art and culture the cities have to offer.

After years of traveling to far away lands, we’re extremely excited to participate in this initiative so close to home with the aim to help promote these three amazing cities.

The 9 bloggers will be split into groups of three, each group visiting one city for 2 days; then on the final day we will converge in Turin and exchange notes and ideas with each other and, most importantly, giving feedback to the tourism boards and local tourism businesses.

Felicity – I will be visiting Turin which is truly a dream come true as it has been on my wish list for years! Can you believe Marco has never taken me?!!  Turin for me has always had an allur: the city was somehow telling me to go and visit, and now I finally have my chance. With its fine aristocratic atmosphere, old world sophisticated shops, grand boulevards and palaces, leafy parks, and several art galleries, it’s not surprising that it is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination.

The tour organiser Quality4travel describe Turin “as a magical city that has a mysterious air about it, with a buzzing night life, gourmet coffee and chocolate galore” – Quality4Travel add “the three bloggers need to be ready to discover all the unusual faces the first capital of Italy has to offer “- I am more than ready for what will no doubt be a unique experience.

We’re are lucky enough to be visiting when the famous chocolate festival is taking place; which gives us the perfect opportunity to get into the spirit of the nation’s Giandujotto, the Masters of Taste and the big names in the chocolate industry will be taking part. But first we will be visiting the beautiful Roman Quarter, nestled between the narrow cobbled streets of the city centre.

Of course we’re in Italy and “life is too short to eat and drink badly”: we will be shown that even the hamburger can be politically correct, made from beef coming from the famous Piedmontese breed of cow, therefore classed as 0 km food!

We will discover how Turin is also expert at brewing beers, as well as producing delicious food; we will visit the underground walkways of the city, ancient crypts of the historic centre, the baroque palaces of infernotti. And of course we will be visiting Europe’s largest outdoor market in Porta Palazzo with our very own culinary guide “Chef Kumalè”, one of the leading experts in world cuisine.

After visiting the fascinating National Museum of Cinema we get to finish our tour of Turin by climbing to the top of the Mole Antonelliana,  which it’s a tower forming part of the roof of the National Museum of Cinema; from the top we will be able to enjoy a priceless view of the city.

Marco will be visiting Genoa where he will have two days of full immersion to discover the true recipe for Pesto Genovese with the organizers of the World Championship Pesto Mortar! Explore the alleyways in search of hidden treasures and wi-fi points of the city to stay in touch with our readers. As well as finding out the secrets of traditional focaccia Genovese, and learn the principles of the slow food movement as the headquarters of Eataly are in Genoa.

Aury one of guest bloggers will be visiting Milan: she will get to visit the Navigli area, favoured by artists and the Brera district with the historic Bar Jamaica, frequented by famous painters, architects and Italian journalists of the twentieth century. She will also get to visit The Studio Museum Achille Castiglioni, one of the most important Italian designers.

So get ready! The three of us will be bringing you live updates from tour – via Twitter and Facebook

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  1. I am obsessed with Milan and have spent quite some time living in the city, if you need any advice whatsoever! Also, the National Museum of Cinema is such a treat… very interactive! Best of luck, I will be following your adventures…

  2. WoW and what a tour it was – watch this space for our up coming articles recounting our experiences is TURIN, GENOVA and MILAN!!!!!

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