Genoa, Italy: pesto, focaccia and italian hospitality at its best

The Food –  a collection of photos taken over two days spent in Genoa, Italy, for the Blog Tour #Q4T 2012. Soon after our arrival in the city we stop for lunch in one of the most authentic and simple restaurants in town: Sa Pesta, the oldest “sciamadda” in Genova, right in the center of the city.

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The simple dishes of the “cucina genovese”, like the farinata, la torta di riso, il polpettone genovese, la torta salata alle cipolle, and l’acciuga impanata are all cooked in a traditional wooden oven.

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One of the most valuable experiences of this journey has been how to learn to make the “perfect pesto alla genovese,” in the “La vera ricetta del Pesto genovese” laboratory our expert teachers also organise the Pesto al mortaio world championship, which takes place in Genova from the  17th of March.

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The ingredients for true pesto alla genovese are: parmesan cheese, pecorino cheese, basil, garlic, pinoli, olive oil and salt (from Trapani)

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Not only pesto: Genova is also famous also for its focaccia! In the “Laboratorio Focaccia Genovese” we learn how to make and cook real focaccia Genovese.

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The mixer is essential tool for the creation of the perfect focaccia!

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Slow food in Genova: dinner at the house of a real “genovese” family where we tried all the local specialities, all home made and from the local market, plus top quality wines from Liguria. It was a truly memorable evening hard to forget, especially the welcome we received from “Le Sciamadde” a small group of people who organise the event.

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The croscetti genovesi in pinoli salse are delicious and delicate at the same time

Genova 53

The rabbit cooked “alla ligure” with taggiasche olives and pinoli, a speciality not to be missed.

Genova 55

The “canestrelli” cooked in the wood hoven are incredible, very light and tasty, especially when served with a good wine from the Cinque Terre region.

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Stay tuned – in the next few days we’ll be posting posts about our journey in Genoa

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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. I read your blog and look at all of the photos you post. I should’ve said hello a long time ago.

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