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A photo blog of the coastal city of Genoa in north west Italy. The Photographs were taken during a two day event Blog Tour #Q4T 2012 organised by the Ligurian, Piemonte, Lombardia toursim boards. I participated together with two other Italian bloggers, Sara and Michele.

The photographs are divided into three categories: The City, Food and #Q4T


The City

The first day we walk through the Caruggi which is the Genovese name for  narrow lanes. We wandered down the caruggi’s of the old town, an area that until a few years ago was considered off-limits: now it is a lively center, full of colors and scents, you could walk and walk and get lost for hours.

Quite by accident you can stumble across beautiful palaces like this:

Even the recently constructed buildings are a pleasure to look at in their soft pastel colours:

A visit to Piazza De Ferrari is a must, with its monumental fountain it’s the real agorà of the city

The Cathedral of San Lorenzo is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture

The best spot to watch sunset is in Salita della Torretta, a breathtaking view over the city and port

The San Pietro in Banchi Church suddenly appears before you while walking the streets of the old town.

Via Garibaldi is the most famous street in Genova, especially at night when lights illuminate the old buildings

The narrow lanes during the day are sleepy and quiet, but come alive in the evening

Stay tuned – in the next few days we’ll be posting photos of famous Genovese food

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7 thoughts on “Capturing Genoa – Photo Blog”

  1. Love the photos Marco! Italy is next on our list (right after Aruba in 2 months – can’t wait). Your shot of Piazza De Ferrari is amazing.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks Bryan, much appreciated. Genoa is a very fascinating city and easy to capture with the camera. You should definitely visit Genoa on your next trip to Italy

  3. Great post, and I always love it when people big up Genoa I think it’s a real unsung hero of that region and people are often put off by the motorway and noise and don’t dig deeper to see the beauty of the city. Also that last shot is actually an English pub – I’ve been known to stop in for a G and T, and to watch the world go by 🙂

  4. That photo at the top itself makes me want to go to Genoa! What a lovely view! Perhaps next time I’m in Italy… 🙂

  5. Definitely agree with Pola–that first photo is stunning! Haven’t been to Genoa yet, but adding it to the list…

  6. Love that shot of the building facades, and the different angles the windows seem to sit at. Have driven past Genoa on the way to other places I’d always considered more interesting and important on the travel map – maybe I shouldn’t do that again…

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