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  • Marco
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    Thanks Rease, I’m glad you liked the post: Cambodia is definitely one of the best destination in south east Asia, and the best way to help the country and its population is for travellers to go and visit it and spread the word about its beauties. The second part will be live soon.

  • EK

    I live in Cambodia, and there is most certainly no open child prostitution. Those men you speak of are probably the childrens’ fathers, if you truly saw something like that at all. Just a couple weeks ago a friend was accosted by a tourist, calling him a pedophile in front of his two kids as he walked along the riverside enjoying a weekend stroll with his family. It was a traumatic experience for both the man and his kids. The tourist was shoving a camera in his face, saying they were going to post his photo on the internet. Can you imagine.

    Good post otherwise, but the perpetuation of these kinds of accusations is reckless and even, dare I say it, racist. This is not to say that underage sex slavery isn’t a problem, of course it is all over SE Asia, but there are certainly no westerners walking around in public with children prostitutes in Cambodia. Indeed, much of the abuse of this type, obviously horrific, doesn’t involve foreigners at all.

    To help others understand one of the most difficult ongoing issues facing the people of Cambodia, it would be great if in the next part you could mention a bit about the government’s ongoing land-grabbing and other human rights abuses instead.

  • Jon

    Ek, absolutely well said and very politely so. I am married to a khmer lady and we have two children I am waiting for the day that some ignorant fool does this to my family. I have lived in Cambodia for 10 years and I am so sick of these 20 something fools who come here for a few days and sensationalise their big adventure to dark frontier of Cambodia — all so they can astonish their readers back home. Apparently you don’t really see any tourists in Sihannoukville in 2011! WTF? What planet are you people from?


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