Crete – A Cretian experience

According to many travel blogs and me, Plakias is a beautiful destination for your vacations if you want to visit a traditional, full of life, Cretian village. It’s located in the southern part of the island and is famous for its magnificent beaches and natural beauty.

Plakias, originally, started as a small fishing village; in fact it has first been described as a settlement of six fishermen’s residence. Instead, the history of the villages around the Plaka, the Myrthio and Sellia leads us back around the 10th century when the Byzantine Emperor Nikiforos Fokas II (961 AD), built roads and bridges to link the villages between them. 

Nevertheless in the recent decades Plakias has developed into quite a fashionable resort. The area offers many facilities for guests, large hotels and small family flats, sandy beaches, super markets, all kinds of shops, restaurants and exciting nightlife making it a choice for a variety of tourists each of them enjoying different aspects the place provides.

The village has wonderful sandy beach 1400 meters away as well as many other beautiful beaches with crystal clear water within walking distance (Souda, Damnoni, Amoudi, Amoudaki, Shinaria etc.). To the east you can meet the famous Monastery of Preveli and the Preveli beach with palm tree forest. Every now and then there are topical festivals in Plakias usually due to saints namesake like the feast of Klidona were young people revive old customs.

Crete Loutro village

There is also the annual festival of tourism in behalf of which traditional music and dancing groups from areas nearby come to perform for locals and tourists. Tourists can enjoy traditional Cretian food at the beautiful seaside tavernas. Cafeterias, bars and clubs are available but you would have experienced nothing if you don’t attend to the many beach parties that take place during summertime.

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  1. Crete hasn’t ever been on my travel list, but thanks to you, I’ll put it on. My favorite destinations are those small, off the beaten track where they have facilities for travelers, but you can sit in a cafe with locals and enjoy the ambiance of a community. This sounds perfect.

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