• Felicity

    You’re so right Rease, there is a big difference between seeing a good friend two or three times a week and spending 24/7 with someone while you travel. I know I have some great friends who I love dearly and we have a lot of fun together, but I know I couldn’t travel with them for a long period.

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    Choosing your travel partner is almost as important as where/when/how you are going to go. They can make a bad destination good (and vice versa). I’ve been blessed with a wonderful travel partner in my wife – and even if the location sucks we have a great time.


  • Flavio Alagia
    Flavio Alagia

    Well said, Bryan. I travel mostly alone – I love to hang out with other travellers but I value too much my independence to stick around too long – maybe if I find a good travel partner I will ask her to marry me!

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    This is great advice. I feel as though it holds true to not only a traveling partner on the road, but also a life partner. It makes me think about my situation as I’m evaluating the relationship I’m in and going to teach abroad as I know only one will be able to happen. Thank you.

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    I keep trying to tell a friend of mine we’d be awful travel companions, but she seems to have no understanding of this despite how frequently I tell her that if a hotel has even 1 star, it’s more than I’d like to spend. She said anything below 3 would be unacceptable. Yet somehow, she thinks we’d get along…

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