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  • Felicity

    @Rease- Yes stationary supplies definitely a good idea! On our trip to India we gave a load of pencils and pens to an orphanage we visited and they were really grateful. Also when we were doing the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal nearly every village we walked through we had children running up to asking for pens and pencils, unfortunately we didn’t have many on us. But we thought afterwards what a simple way to make a child’s day.

  • Goodtrippers

    Lots of great points here! There are a lot of tour operators, hotels etc purporting to be ‘eco friendly’ or responsible but they’re just doing the industry required standard nowadays. Worse are the companies offering volunteering trips that do little for (or even negatively impact on) local communities and environment. Always ask questions if you’re unsure, and see how they go above and beyond the norm.

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