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  • Xanax Prescriptions Online

    I have never technically ‘backpacked’ but I’ve got to say, I stayed in a mainstream party backpackers once and it was one of my worst experiences ever. I usually stay at hostels for the price, but usually they’re slightly out of the way, and I’ve found that being on the fringe of a city (or destination) helps to avoid the mainstream backpackers that ‘we love to hate’.

    Of course, this also might just be forcing people to have some introspection and cringing at the things they also did!

  • Emma

    I see your point and I can agree with some of it. Yes – many backpackers wants to do “their own thing” but end up doing exactly what everyone else is doing. And yes – many backpackers see travelling as an excuse for cheap drinks and lots of parties without caring at all about interacting with locals. BUT. This is not the case for everyone. There are a looot of backpackers who actually see travelling and backpacking as a great opportunity to get to know new cultures and I think it’s deeply unfair to forget this group, which is rather big.

    Have you never thought that the fact, as you state: “I myself was a culprit of every one of the classic backpacker sins (yes, including the clothes) as a middle-class 19-year-old on a Year Off in India” maybe made you hang out with similar people? Maybe you never met all the people out there who actually TRAVEL, just because yourself wasn’t mature, curious or determined enough?

    Yes, I’m in my early twenties, and yes, I’ve been backpacking quite a lot. My theory is that you find a lot more irresponsible travelling, where backpacking is just an excuse for alcohol and cool adventures, in South-East Asia than in, for example, most parts of Africa. I’ve been travelling in both South America and Western Africa where I’ve met a great number of inspired and commited backpackers, interacting with locals and travelling with responsibility.Don’t forget them. And don’t let your own personal experiences be an universal truth.

  • MNRC

    Just want to point out that hostels are not full of just “white Westerners”. Sometimes there are also Asian or Black Westerners staying at these hostels! I know because I’m one of them (I’m Asian American)! But thanks for pointing out how bizarre it is to be holed up in a room with other Westerners for the entire trip. I’d never thought about this. Initially the reasoning was simply that locals and Western backpackers have radically different tastes. But you’re right–the segregation is self-imposed, questionable, and a little bizarre!

  • Felicity

    Yes you’re right we should change the wording on that we didn’t mean to offend. I also as human beings we often innately drawn to like minded people.

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