Your car becomes a motor home in less than 15 minutes!

This miniaturised modular system can be installed in the trunk of the car and enables you to cook, eat, shower and sleep in total autonomy.

Your car becomes a motor home in less than 15 minutes

Until today, the motor home industry was mainly focusing on the development of specific vehicles that have become throughout the years always more complete, more technical, more expensive and more cumbersome. The swissRoomBox project has chosen a vision and a strategy of development that is completely the opposite: it is your car that becomes a motor home. Even better, if you change cars, the swissRoomBox integrates with this new car, because it adapts to most models!

Comfort, simplicity and modularity

swissRoomBox: a polyvalent technical innovation that remains simple to use. Thanks to its intelligent system of voltage control of your own vehicle, the swissRoomBox concept offers the luxury and the comfort of hot water, gas, electricity in 220V, 12V and 5V USB. A unique model that will enable you to transform the modules into the shower, kitchen, bed and dining room in less than 5 minutes and without tools! In closed position, its minimum volume enables the use of all passenger seats during the trips. It mounts and dismounts easily if you wish to use the trunk space of the vehicle for other purposes.

Independence and freedom

This innovation is for everyone who has a car that wishes to be independent for traveling in total liberty.

Launch on the market

The swissRoomBox product will be for sale in October 2010 on the European market via the website

About the swissRoomBox™

The swissRoomBox product has been developed by the Swiss company misC. This enterprise, founded in 2001, is specialised in the new solutions for business development thanks to its creative and innovative approach. Its founder and proprietary Philippe Perakis (former sport professional) has worked for 25 years in the sport, sponsoring, event, marketing and innovation sectors, with worldwide renowned companies such as Diesel, Swatch, Miller, Dainese, Swisscom, etc.

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2 thoughts on “Your car becomes a motor home in less than 15 minutes!”

  1. That is a really neat setup! Obviously some limitations, but much easier to get most everything in such a small space. Thanks!

  2. You’re welcome! It’s ideal for travel around europe, where many of the roads are so narrow that even getting down them with a small camper van can be difficult. We also liked that you can take it out easily so you’re car becomes multi-purpose!

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