A recent interview with Jeff Jung from Career Break Secrets got me thinking about all the embarrassing moments I’ve had while traveling, and all the funny stories people have recounted to me; it’s amazing some of the situations travelers get themselves in to. I’ve started off the discussion by confessing my most embarrassing moment:

On as bus journey in Argentina and I had bad stomach and needed to use the on-board bathroom. The only problem was the toilet on this bus was only for urine and not No2’s and it clearly stated this on the door. Of course there was no way I could control it and ended up spending too long in the bathroom, the driver then realized I might be breaking the rule. So he stopped the bus and started banging on the door until I came out red faced.  He then proceeded to tell me off and say, “the toilet was only for urine and that other people had to use it. If I needed No2’s I should have told him to pull over.” All I could reply in my very bad Spanish was “Yo no tenía tiempo.” I didn’t have time!”

Now it’s your turn describe your most embarrassing or funny moment while traveling, add it to the comments section below the post.

Come on be brave!

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