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Satiate Your Adventurous Self on a Road Trip from Berlin to Paris

Normally, driving from Berlin to Paris takes about 10 hours, but the road has such a spectacular display that you may want to lengthen the trip to a few days in the least, if time permits. Though these two capitals are connected by means other than road, the cheapest and most practical option while you are on a budget-trip with a few friends, is by driving. Stop Along the Way Taking a few stops gives you an ...

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Shop Till You Drop In Alicante

A holiday à la Spain isn’t complete without a trip to the port city of Alicante on Costa Blanca, famous for its beaches and carnivals. More good news is that it is also a haven for shopping. The numerous shopping districts lined with windows displaying everything from designer leather items to local handicrafts and street markets abuzz with activity, are irresistible for the average shopaholic and tiring as ...

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5 Activities in the Adventure Capital of the World – Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is the sort of city that will impress you with its beauty, surprise you with its scenic sights that are to be seen, and totally sucker punch you when it comes to the sheer volume of activities that one can do here. This city is for the adventure lovers, for the thrill seekers, for the ones in need of a rush, and for the ones looking for a challenge, and to jolt a change in their daily lives. It a ...

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Travelling in Tuscany – Food and Landscapes, Bicycle and Shopping

One of Tuscany's many gems is the beautiful province of Siena, land of sweet hills and countless thermal springs. There are many possible itineraries to enjoy the richness of this wonderful land, but here is one which may sum up its peculiar features through an unforgettable combination of colours, shapes and experiences. One of the most celebrated area of the province is definitely Chianti, whose wine is r ...

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Dubai Beckons with its Iconic Buildings and Heritage Monuments

As you land on the soils of Dubai, you will surely be transfixed by its views of futuristic skyscrapers, endless deserts and a glittering coastline. Embracing the extraordinary in every conceivable manner, Dubai always manages to attract with its entrepreneurial designs and architectural splendours alike. Whether it is about an artificial island in the shape of a palm, a seven star hotel or the tallest buil ...

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Buenos Aires – The Coolest City in the World

Now known as the 'Paris of South America,' Buenos Aires is one of my favourite destinations. Travel + Leisure voted it the second most desirable city to visit after Florence, which should tell you how stylish the place is. There's nothing to not like about Buenos Aires. It boasts beautiful architecture, incredibly delicious food, a good night-life and a lot of opportunity for retail therapy. What more could ...

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Marocco – Walking on the Sands of Sahara

We wake up in Agdz, a village of mud bricks located in the south of Marocco and located in the middle of a palm grove stretching for 200 kilometres. Agdz is in Draa Valley, an ancient river which nowadays only flows during the dry season, when they open the dam in the north. We spent the night in the kasbah and in the morning the house owner, whose family line descends from a noble heritage, offers us a tou ...

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Sharks, Slotzilla and Museums- What to Do in Las Vegas Besides Gambling

Gambling is legal in the UK, so you’re not impressed by Las Vegas’ moniker “Sin City.” Big deal - but wait. There’s a lot more to do here besides rolling the dice. You can check out the desert sharks, Slotzilla, and several museums. Sharks One of the major attractions advertised by companies like My America Holiday is the Shark Reef, an aquarium located in the city of Las Vegas. It’s North America’s only pr ...

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