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Expectations Of Southern Africa

By Hannah Lukaszewicz, Blog Editor of Getting Stamped Africa is home to some stunning natural wonders, plentiful wildlife and exotic cultures.  Our overland expedition will take us across seven countries, the tour heading south from Nairobi to Cape Town, each country offering something unique; from the continent's last remaining wetland wilderness, the Okavango Delta, to the worlds largest unbroken caldera, ...

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Where to Go to Enjoy the Best of South Australia’s Food and Wine Culture

South Australia is a cornucopia of delicious foods and wines. It’s bursting with fresh produce, boutique wineries, and amazing restaurants with chefs who know just how to match everything to perfection on the palate. In terms of wine, the region – made up of a number of separate wine-producing areas – offers everything from cool, breezy Riesling to full-bodied, punchy Shiraz. Over the centuries, modern Aust ...

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Leonardo da Vinci Museum – In Florence the Complete Exhibit of the His Works

Painter, sculptor, artist and inventor, dreamer and thinker, genius... Describing Leonardo Da Vinci with one single term is an impossible task. No other historical personality displayed more versatility, more talents than him. Nobody has been able to inspire more people, or to give a more commendable contribution to human arts and techniques. In order to celebrate his flair and to share his many projects, d ...

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Azores – Discover Who You Are

During our travels we always find places more or less worth to fill some room in our lives. Memories, more or less coloured, lively, passionate, dreamy, daring, beautiful.... this is what travelling is about. Less frequently, there are places – or journeys – worthy not only to become memories, but to enter deeply in our mind, in our heart and soul. It's a growing feeling, one heartbeat after the other. It's ...

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10 Of The World’s Best Festivals

For those who enjoy traveling around the world, there's often a desire to visit authentic, cultural attractions. And despite their international popularity (which often indicates something is "touristy"), festivals are sometimes the best examples of such attractions. Major festivals tend to be unique, energetic celebrations of a given aspect of a region's culture or history, and offer you an outstanding exp ...

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Jökulsárlón – Iceland’s Largest Glacial Lake

Jökulsárlón is Europe's largest glacial lake, an unmissable destination for any traveller in Iceland. It is located south from Vatnajökull glacier, about 80 kilometres from Höfn, if you are arriving from Reykjavik. At the beginning of summer, when the daylight is almost endless, the sun brightens the bay, making Jökulsárlón a huge water mirror and its quite waters strengthen the feeling of perfect simmetry. ...

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Pacific Coast Highway – A Californian Road Trip

It’s the stuff the American Dream is made off: rolling surf, blue skies, sunshine and natural beauty all around. The Californian Pacific Coast has got it all, and the best way to see it is to get out in the open air and explore under your own steam. Hire a car and hit Highway One – also known as the Pacific Coast Highway – for an easy route into some of the most amazing destinations in the USA. Have a virtu ...

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How to find a suitable house for rent: basics

If your life circumstances currently require you renting an apartment in the United Kingdom, then it’s high time for you to consider all the possible variants of choosing the right rental property, because finding a suitable place to live in even for a short period of time is surely not the thing to be treated lightly. Anyway, there still must be something like a beginning point in your search, right? And n ...

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